Google Plus Complete Guide

Now Google Plus is out! Albeit by invitation, many online marketers, business, techpreneurs want to get their hands on it and see how they can use it for business!
It now has more than 10 million users worldwide after being out for just only 3 weeks!
It is not an easy online application to learn. Definitely not as intuitive as Facebook!

Google Hangout is the most important and useful feature that stands above the other features offered by other social media networks! It's a virtual place where people can "hangout" and see each other via video!

Google + allows profile owners to share photos, comments, posts, data/content selectively into respective circles.

I have been using picasa, blogger, google chat for a while, plus a lot of other google apps. These apps are actually seamlessly integrated with Google + . This makes Google + a notch better than Facebook.

In summary, I think google + deservers it's + name because it allows people to relate with people who are relevant in their current circumstances, and not to those they knew 10 years ago.

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