3 Reasons Why People Setup a Facebook Page

Many small business expect instant direct sales when they set up a website or when they set up a facebook page, or a blog. However the reality is, a website, blog, facebook page needs to be closely integrated with your business' entire marketing strategy. This is why it's necessary to set your goals and expectations.  It is also important to share these goals and expectations to your marketing assistants. 

The top 3 reasons why people & organizations setup a page on facebook are:
1. To build a community - for a cause, for similar interests (travel, music, artists)
2. To distribute information (brand awareness) - for a brand, business, new product
3. To sell online which is the most aggressive and hardest to tackle with

These days leading internet companies like google (most importantly) give very high consideration to the # of times your website is mentioned on social media channels when calculating your chances of being on top of the results on their search engine.  This could be the 4th and extra reason why people setup a Facebook page.

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