Are You A Good Social Media Marketer?

In  a world without internet, people become social savvy. They know the moves to connect with their audience.  The reality is, common social rules apply on social media online as well.  Here are a few pointers:
1. Don't over promote - people understand you'd talk about your business but surely that's not something they'd want to know all the time. Instead, offer information which will help them. Offer information which they can relate to and they will be in tune to your posts and updates. Otherwise, you run the risk of having even your friends 'hide' your posts.
2. No room for arrogance - you may have the freedom of speech in social media but your listeners aka followers also have the freedom to unsubscribe from your feeds. Social media is a worldwide audience - across multiple cultures. Take into consideration cultural viewpoints.
3. Show sincerity - Think about what you say. A single educational and insightful comment is better than a hundred trivial posts.

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