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by Samuel W. Lessin on Friday, September 23, 2011 at 6:30am
Since the beginning of Facebook, your profile has been the place where you tell your story. People use it to share everything from the small stuff, like their thoughts on an article, to the most important events of their lives, like the photos of their wedding or the birth of their child.

The evolution of your profile

Back in the early days of Facebook, your profile was pretty basic – just your name, a photo, where you went to school…stuff you'd cover in the first five minutes you met someone.

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1. READ BUTTON will show up soon.
This is a button to indicate that you have 'read' something online.

2. Facebook will promote music sharing.
LISTENED button.

3. Along with your standard profile picture, your new profile page will contain a massive photo which runs across the top of the page. 

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