Over Sharing, Too Little Privacy The New Facebook

Facebook just had a massive overhaul.The biggest and most noticeable change is the new Facebook Profile.
Many users are reacting negatively. Maybe people are just not used to change. Facebook's goal is to increase usage that has gone stale especially in USA. From my own observations, my Facebook 'friends' are already complaining about the new features:
1. The news feeds and top stories that have pop ups that hide the top stories you might want to see
2. The tedious task of 'categorizing' your friends to your acquaintances
3. And now, the Facebook Timeline - which users feel  look more like a blog instead of a social network site
Click here for Mark Zuckerberg's speech on introducing Facebook Timeline

Is there such a thing as over-sharing? Is the majority of the Facebook users who actually 'share' information happy about the new and slightly more complicated layout? Is Facebook launching a new set of features to compete with Google +?

So far, Facebook has reached up to 800 million users. More people are uploading photos and sharing experiences. Facebook has a substantial lead in social media networking. They have the database and the system to personalize your online searches and feed you with information you are interested in.  The question really is - are these the right information you should be filling your mind with?

We're all spectators to the show for now. What's important to you or me or anyone might not be important in the whole scheme of things. Something for us to think about amidst this entire social media frenzy.

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