Top 5 Facebook Marketing Techniques

Social media revolution can no longer be ignored by businesses. Even local businesses which involve social media in their overall marketing strategy play better than their competitors which do not have any social media efforts. These are the top 5 marketing techniques when using Facebook.

1. Create a great Landing Page - this is a tab on your Facebook page that you want to enhance with promotions, your website name and a list (& description) of your products and services
2. Maximize the use of photos - Add interesting photos on your profile and on your page. Choose the photos which are relevant to your market and those which can be potentially passed around.
3. Add a link to your posts - Make sure you add your website link to all your posts when it's appropriate. When you are citing a note from another website, add their link as well as reference to your customers.
4. Use Facebook tools - Read facebook rules and keep updated with it. Make use of the free insights tool that Facebook provides for all pages. Study your fan demographics and see how you use this information to improve your marketing strategies.
5. Engage with your customers - provide them service in terms of information distribution, or if you provide products and services they have complaints about, offer solutions. Use your online presence to show your customers that you are ready, present, available to help them solve any issue they are having with your services.

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