Facebook Latest Feature Updates

1. Improvements to Insights: You'll now see a new public metric called People Talking About This underneath your fan count to show the number of people on Facebook who have engaged with your page in the last 7 days.  This is a better metric compared to the number of fans actually because it shows the number of social mentions a page has. This also guides people in determining whether their fans are real fans whom they can potentially sell products and services to or those who really care about the page's information.

2. Discussions app removed by October 31st. Facebook wants to encourage people to use the WALL to discuss relevant issues and keep the page alive.

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Cheaper Internet, Gadgets Make Online Marketing a Necessity

An outstanding innovation at a fraction of the price, this $50 computer is just a testament that the world is getting smaller and internet connectivity is paving the way. Click here for CNN featured article on the world's cheapest computer.

Image from CNN.com

With cheaper internet and gadgets, it's much easier for everyone to get connected. Small businesses need to seriously consider online marketing a significant portion of their overall strategy.